Shine Today™

As death becomes more…

William J Corbett

Her eyes were heavy and closing.

She was tired and could feel no more.

Her life had been complete and she had done all she could, she had no regrets,all things had been completed in great detail.

Her eyes finished closing,no longer able to hold open against the weight.


 As she re-opened her eyes,she felt completely refreshed.

What she had thought would be her end,was only a rest,but,something had changed.

There,behind her head,was the most beautiful stained glass.

The colors bright and full.

The intricate cuts and detail drew her head around to look more closely.

It was then that her wings opened beside her and she knew she was Blessed

as she lighted off of the stem,

chasing the streams of sunlight,

dancing across the fields,

drawing all eyes to her beauty as she flitted from flower to flower.

I wish you peace!