Shine Today™

Be “your” truth,always!

William J Corbett

This is a complex world with so many wonderful and exciting thoughts and people. There are so many ways to get along with others of varying thoughts and practices. Their lives only connected to ours by a very brief meeting or paralleled for greater amounts of time. There are times when a very brief encounter leaves a much better taste,and there are those that we wish could have stayed longer but they have a life they must lead,as well.

Every encounter that we have in this life leaves a mark,and a change,notable or  less. The satisfying part comes into play when we have altered a decision to become a better decision,because of our interaction with that other human being. The alteration can be because of a good,great,or really lousy interaction and experience with that other person.

There are times when someone elses lack of tact has made me catch my words before I get a chance to utter them…and I am thankful! I may have the opportunity to use my words again in a very similar circumstance and that previous occasion pops into my head and I decide to take a differing route. Negative experience turned positive. Thank you negative!

I read a lot. I really love learning of other cultures and how they act,or react. I have met some really fantastic people in my travels and works,people who I had heard things about that turned out to be totally untrue. Just someone elses weakness leaked out in a story to place judgement where it should never have been.

Why is it that people fear what they do not know?

Why do they express to know what they talk about while they remain shallow in the knowledge they need to speak of anything?

What lies within us that makes us hurt others? While others are (or seem to be) nothing but positive influence,no matter where they are in life.

A follower is someone who can’t attempt things on their own. A follower will also express the leaders position without regard to their own well-being. The fruitless part is that,even when they express it so truly,too many have not learned what they speak of. Too many have not made a decision as to whether they speak the truth,or not…they just assume it is the truth because they have been told it is.

Take this moment,grab hold of the strengths you have within you! They are there! Everyone is built with them. Digest your very next thought and feel whether you think it is right or wrong. Now choose if you will again follow this thought or practice. Choose whether you will be the very example of it…or if you should be any part of it…or,perhaps,the polar opposite of it…and be that very choice you have made!

Stand clearly for what you believe in. It matters not what others think,nor how they may treat you because of these beliefs. We can,sometimes,feel abused by their abrasive behavior. Remember this: Sandpaper is also abrasive,but we can use it in the final steps of polishing,to let the beauty that was just under the surface to show,and to shine!

 I wish you peace!


Note: I had left this blog dangling for quite some time as it turned into a place for spammers to unload some of their own less than good advertising. I chose to allow it to just hang so that there was as little activity as possible. I really missed this outlet and I will return it to a normal posting again if I can remain writing without being spammed.