Shine Today™

William J Corbett

The process of Peace

Peace is a term that so many of us look for in our lives. We try to process it,manufacture it,share it and own it.

 Peace can not be manufactured. It is impossible to “make” peace. It would be easier to make dirt. Peace is a natural resource,much like coal,it can be mined,it can be brought to the surface and used in many ways positive. Unlike any other natural resource in the ways that it can never be bought,nor can it be sold. We don’t need thousands of years and the correct dinosaur rotting. We need no platelets forming nor pressure created from weight. It can be found in any living thing,but will never be harvested from anywhere but from within your own self.

Peace comes about by a certain process but it can not be processed. There is a well of peace within us and it would love to get out. Things need to be aligned correctly,like plumbing,for this to happen. Once we have the plumbing and pipes aligned,everything connected firmly and securely,it will flow throughout our lives but will not ever shed one drop outside of our lives to quench another’s thirst. It is trapped within us but is not trapped away from anything or any part within us. If we are at peace we are at peace totally,wholly.

We have to want this alignment. We have to want this peace in our lives. There are many characters that we meet that seem engulfed in drama or human spiritual sufferings and this is their “norm”,this is how they have wrapped their lives and wouldn’t change these things if given complete direction. That is okay…for them. It does not have to wear on our peace or tarnish our peacefulness. It needs to be fully recognized and it needs to be left to itself in any part that may disrupt our own peace. When…if…it comes about that they would like a change to peace,we will feel the change already coming about,as will they.

Can the plumbing become undone or misaligned? Absolutely! But…it is not able to become undone by anyone or anything other than our own self. I have witnessed people near me that have this peace,even in the middle of turmoil,in the middle of physical pain and sickness. I know it can and should be!

There is a sensibility to peace,the person that has this peace knows it. All things can become disrupted around them and they still maintain their peacefulness. They will not allow themselves to be placed within any other fire or storm but will still deal with the fires and storms brought into their lives and around their lives.

When we feel someone has brought us peace,it is only that they have shown us how to align,to be able to get to the spring within us. We can witness their peace but their peace will not become ours,nor ours,theirs. We can feel the warmth and the goodness of this peace that is not ours. It is much like a radiator,in that we don’t touch the hot water or steam but we gain a benefit by standing near it. Those with peace would share it with us,willingly,but we need to do the work to receive the benefits. Much like any other thing that brings great and true benefit to our lives.

In that…

I wish you peace!