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We can only accomplish those things which we are open to…

William J Corbett

We can only accomplish those things which we are open to. If there is a wall,we need to openly discuss the options and tools available to remove that wall. This is,easily,as true mentally. Find the tools that will bring inner peace and we will find the tools,together,for a world at peace for our children and for their children. We all have inhibitions,walls,that keep us from accomplishing all we can possibly accomplish in our lives. There is not a single person that doesn’t have some fear of being less than successful,or being overcome by ridicule from our peers for our dreams and aspirations. We need never feel put off by another persons walls or inability to envision our own prospects and abilities.

Realize our dreams are our possibilities!

I have a blogging friend,Nikki,that decided to explore the world. She removed herself from a successful position as a self-employed make up artist in Hollywood to find something within herself that could only be gained from removing herself from glamour and high society and has placed herself in a more remote section of this earth. Her largest decisions now are what to bring along to the next town,her backpack only able to carry bare necessities. She has had to leave behind some things that she has enjoyed “owning” to more own herself,to provide others along the way with the ability to do the same. Her responsibility now,more involves helping others…leaving her own care to the Creator,to allow to be what will be.

She has “realized” a potential,a goal. I can only imagine what it really took to pull up roots in a materialistic society and to be the person responsible for placing herself in this very remote situation. I know what it is like to be in foreign countries and to know nothing of the culture,to not speak the local language and to try to find my way without any of these necessities. Having to “get along” with people I have nothing in common with beyond sharing the face of Mother Earth.

Break down anything that displays itself as a barrier.

Find a way to remove barriers. Educate yourself to what is truly a barrier and discover why it is not yours to own! There are people who have climbed mountains without limbs…because they can. An aged father that has pushed his wheelchair bound son in multiple marathons…because he can. People that were so broke they ate out of dumpsters that are now wealthy beyond any monetary need…for generations of their own family tree. A woman who has overcome the tragedy of being repeatedly raped by a family member to become one of the most powerful,rich and generous person ever.

I could continue with documented people who have aspired and continue to fall all of their feared walls,but it is less than necessary. If these people can achieve all they have achieved…why can’t we?

We can!

Take a moment to realize your dreams and aspirations. Breathe in and drop all fear,allowing your images to only allow you to continue and succeed. If there is a moment where you feel less than able to succeed,back up to where you did succeed and remove the “roadblock”,pave the road with good intention and envisioned success,put life back in drive and step on the gas.

In all you do…

I wish you peace!



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